Cooking mussels is usually done by cooking them in a pot on a stove, but there are other alternatives! We will of course give you cooking times and temperatures for each cooking method! Translation in French: moules.

1 lbs of mussels per person should do the trick (for a main course, less for an entrée)

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How do I cook mussels?

What to pair mussels with?
Serve mussels with French fries, that’s the Belgian way. Otherwise mussels pair well with boiled potatoes, green beans or carrots.

Cooking shellfish & seafood: clams, crab, crayfish, lobster, mussels, octopus, oysters, prawn, scallops, shrimp, squid...

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Preparing mussels

Preparing mussels. When you’re shopping for mussels, you’ll usually find them sold in mesh bags in the seafood section of your local supermarket. Before you cook them, you’ll need to rinse them in cold water. Remove barnacles, algae or any other unwanted material. If any of the mussels are open, discard them, as they may be dead and could make you sick.

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Cook mussels in pot

Cooking mussels in a pot. Steaming is the most common way to cook mussels, and it’s also the easiest.
1. In a large (really, pick a large one, once the mussels have opened their volume will increase) pot or a pressure cooker (without its lid on), add a few inches of water or broth.
2. Add the mussels. Bring the broth to a boil. The mussels will open very quickly. Stir well as the mussels at the bottom of the pot will cook and the ones on the top won’t. Once all the mussels have opened, cook for another 3 minutes, still stirring. Et voilà!
Tip: add minced onions your mussels to make the cooking juice even tastier
You can also add shallots, butter, a bit of white wine and parsley : that’s moules marinières!
If instead you choose to add a mixture made of heavy cream roquefort cheese, parsley and shallots, you get roquefort mussels!
The possibilities are endless.

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Cook stuffed mussels

Cooking stuffed mussels. Once you’ve steamed your mussels you can eat them or you can stuff them. It’s really delicious!
1. In a food processor, combine ⅓ butter, ⅓ shallots and garlic and ⅓ parsley. It’s called snail butter in French (because that’s what used for cooking snails)
2. Add a bit of snail butter to your half mussel shell (with the cooked mussel inside of course), add panko or breadcrumbs.
3. Put the stuffed mussels under the grill for a couple of minutes and serve hot. Enjoy!

Note: Instead of garlic butter, you could use a mixture of rice, spices and mussel meat: it’s called Midye and it’s a Turkish specialty.

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Grilled mussels

Cooking mussels on a grill. If you’re looking for a way to add some smoky flavor to your mussels, try grilling them.
1. Preheat your grill to medium-high heat, and then place the mussels directly on the grate.
2. Cook for 3-4 minutes, or until the shells have opened up.

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BBQ mussels

Cooking mussels with a barbecue. Here’s what to do to broil mussels:
1. Place the mussels on a baking sheet and brush them with a mixture of olive oil, garlic, and herbs.
2. Broil on high for 3-4 minutes, or until the shells have opened up.

Mussels are a popular seafood. They are typically harvested from the wild, but they are also farmed in many parts of the world. Mussels are a great source of protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and other essential nutrients, making them a healthy addition to any diet.